Love, Italian Style Exhibition
Changing Customs and Ideas about Love and Marriage in Italy between 1945 and 1974
Love, Italian Style: Changing Customs and the Ideas of Marriage and Love in Italy, 1945-1974 will be opening in the Italian Cultural Institute in Dublin on May 14 2015 - until 22 May. The director of the exhibition, Dr Niamh Cullen, spoke to History Hub about the origins of the exhibition and the ideas behind it. The Exhibition is about, The idea of the 'Latin lover' that is one of the most familiar images of Italians and Italian culture. This exhibition, directed by Dr Niamh Cullen (University College Dublin) will aim to uncover the reality behind the stereotypes, and will explore how ideas about courtship, love and marriage in Italy were changing in the 1950s and 1960s through the lens of popular magazines. The mass media was expanding rapidly in these years and popular magazines both encouraging and reflecting social change, making them the ideal material for charting and changing images and ideas about love. The economic miracle of the late 1950s and 1960s also transformed the Italian society, promoting widespread migration to the cities and the growth of a mass consumer society. The role of family in Italian society. Gender roles and relations were also changing, and as they did so, definitions of love and marriage themselves were being transformed.
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